Reminiscing at the airport on my way to Rome for the holidays, I realise that 2016 was maybe not so bad after all. The highlight of January was exploring the vast beaches of Normandy and Brittany as we drove through St Malo, walked through a deserted Mont Saint Michel, and admired the dramatic rocks of Pointe de Pen-Hir.

Following a short stay in Ventura for a biology conference, I spent a week in the quirky town of Monterey, California. The best bits were the massive aquarium, the seals basking in the warm spring sun, and seeing humpback and killer whales breaching just a few metres away from me. A short stop at sunny LA’s Santa Monica Beach was followed by a super bumpy flight home.

The best part of May was a wonderful little holiday with my best friend through Tuscany and Cinque Terre. We stayed in the most wonderful countryside house, but spent most of our time exploring places like Florence, Arezzo, San Gimignano and Cinque Terre. Wonderful food, landscapes and company.

Another conference brought me to the land of the Finns. I’d always wanted to visit this place, and the massive forests and still lakes didn’t disappoint. It felt so surreal being out at 11pm with the sun only just having set. 

   Long walks around Blackheath, back home. 

In July I returned to Fowey after two years, this time with a couple of dear friends. We walked along the South West Coast Path, sampled the great Cornish ales, and drove to Tintagel and St Agnes. I can’t really find the appropriate words to describe the beauty of the Cornish Coast.

  In 2016 I photographed 4 wonderful couples tying the knot. It was a completely new experience and I learnt a ton whilst also having a blast!

festival-wedding- - first-kiss-wedding-photography-bride-and-groom-outdoors.jpg
festival-wedding- - marquee-fun-relaxed-candid-wedding-photography-surrey.jpg
festival-wedding- - saint-lawrence-church-bookham-wedding-photography-creative-candid.jpg

  Back in England visiting the chalk cliffs of the Seven Sisters.

  Visiting the Richmond Park deer in the autumn and Shooters Hill in the winter fog.

Onward and forward!

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