Alternative wedding photographer favourites gallery. It shows there is something special about each and every moment of your wedding day. From the anticipation that builds up during the getting ready hour to the uncontainable emotion during the ceremony and the relaxed yet bustling cocktail hour.

One of my favourite bits about the getting ready session is when the bride gets ready in front of a window to let natural light sculpt her features. It makes for dramatic, emotion-filled, timeless portraits which I absolutely love. During the ceremony I love sneaking a few portraits of the guests. They tend to be totally engrossed in what’s happening in front of them. I really do think think it’s when people are at their most beautiful. This is also why as an alternative wedding photographer I work so well for people who love honest, heartfelt, authentic photos. I capture what I see in front of me without interfering or producing.

So, it’s no wonder I love to capture all these different parts of your wedding day story. From Surrey to Athens weddings, scroll down to see some of my favourite images my couples have created with me over the past couple of years.